Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sarah and the Very Bad, Terrible but Sometimes Very Good and Wonderful and Always Really Stressful Year

2016 was a year of change, though aren’t they all? This one, though… wow. I decided to devote my very first digitally illustrated blog (which is actually a pun, since I’ll be using my digits to digitally illustrate). Anyway. In completely non-chronological order, here are some highlights of my 2016:

I became a Cubmaster! So far, the power has not gone to my head.

(btw - if you click on one of the comics, it will enlarge right here in this window)

I stumbled into a lot more writing work, and it's even Cincinnati-focused. 

We went on the Great American Roadtrip, from Cincinnati to Tucson to the Grand Canyon and back home again. 

And then, sad things happened, lots of them, all at once.

In related news, I rediscovered a neglected appliance.

Other stuff happened, too. We were Team Clinton, so the election result added further disappointment during the month of sad. And the van sprung a leak. And sometimes our schedule became so hectic that it felt like we were hardly ever together as a family some weeks. 

But we muddled, and we got all contemplative, as all of us are apt to get. We spent time talking about the people we've lost in the past few years, and we tried to focus on gratitude as a family. We poured a lot of love into our favorite little girl, too. 


Jen said...

Please do more of these, and every day. Every. Single. Day.

Amy said...

Best way to review a hard year! Keep those cartoons coming.

Jo said...

This was a difficult year for sure. Thank you for reminding us to remember there were awesome things too ♡ I love this so much!

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