Monday, June 4, 2012

A sad cupcake is still a cupcake

And I thought I wouldn't be able to find a Sad Cupcake picture. On etsy.
I'd like to be able to say that my absence lately is due to something awesome. I was riding down the Amazon on a crocodile named Steve, or finally embarking on that hot air balloon tour of the Northwest Territory. But, no.

In truth, I have just been sad, and when I'm feeling sad, I find it hard to write anything I want to share with anybody.

I won't bore you or publicize family stuff in this space. It's the kind of stuff that happens in life sometimes, just lots of it all at once. My immediate family is actually in a very good place right now, which should make me feel better, but because I'm me, tends to add a thick, fuzzy layer of frosted guilt on my Sad Cupcake. I'm having trouble enjoying the things that make my life good because of the stress and sadness going on in the lives of various other people I love. And in typical WASP-like fashion, 79% of what's happening isn't even being discussed. I'm about to round all these people up and hold a Fight Club in my basement.

Anyway. Enough cryptic stuff. I'm pretty sure the Internet will topple over on its side soon if the continuous influx of emo bullshit doesn't slow down at some point. More cigar-smoking kittens! Less whiny suburbanites!

I'm working very hard to morph from Sad Sarah to Somewhat Morose Sarah, and part of that is breaking through my writer's block of gloom and doom. So expect some weird shit here in the coming days. It's my coping mechanism and I'm dragging you along for the ride. Thank you for sitting shotgun and not berating me about all those stop signs I'm blowing past. Yes, we can put the top down, but I draw the line at travel bingo. We all know travel bingo sucks.

I will leave you with a happy picture from the past few weeks. My oldest son is officially on the cusp of being a "big kid," having turned SIX over the weekend. He is pure love and his smile gives me perspective on a daily basis. It's pretty funny - when he was a baby, we'd have to actually "chomp"* on his side to get so much as a smile out of this kid, and now his entire face lights up with complete joy when he is moved by happiness. Happy birthday, little one.

The freshly minted 6-year-old who kept assuring me his birthday party was the best day EVER.

How did this little guy become a KID?
*In this case, the quotes indicate that we did not actually chew on our child. Yes, I know it's not even funny to joke about things like this, what with all the zombie crimes happening lately. Also, braaaaains.


Amy said...

Delightful post despite your present state of glumness. I can totally relate. I carry other peoples' baggage without the aid of wheels. Eventually it lightens and I store it away to be brought out for the next teary trip.

But your humor has not been dampened and I look forward to whatever "weird shit" is to follow.

Sarah Hunt said...

Thanks, Amy! I definitely feel you on the piles of baggage. It feels like the lost bags depository around here sometimes. Also, I need to update my blogroll to the right url for you! I will do that right now. I'm sure your traffic will increase .25-fold.

Anonymous said...

Your 'freshly minted 6 year old' has a fabulous smile and as you know he's 'the bomb!' *hugs* mil

Betsy Bitner said...

Sorry to hear you're a sad cupcake these days - although any kind of cupcake is still yummy. Glad that your smiling six year old helps you keep things in perspective! He makes me smile just looking at him.

Anonymous said...

*I* actually chewed on his side.

-his dad

Sarah Hunt said...

I didn't want you to go to jail alone. :D

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