Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No more cool breeze for you

If you are still allowed to enjoy cool breezes, you
might like these neat windchimes on etsy.

Overheard in the backseat during our excruciating tour of the tri-state area yesterday:

"David, if you don't stop saying those things immediately, I will not share my cool breeze with you."

(David continues ranting about something inane, clearly just to irk Anderson)

"That is it, David."

*whir* Up goes the window.

"No more cool breeze for you. I hope you realize this was your own choice."


Jen said...


Fantastic. J'adore Anderson. And David for taunting him.

Melinda said...

Can I second a "snort" ?
It's bringing back childhood backseat memories...." make me stop looking at her!!!"

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