Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alice Cooper visited me in a dream

Young Alice Cooper via CC license on flickr
I felt it important to mark this occasion, because I have a blog.

Yes, last night, Alice Cooper played a major role in a very long dream I had. It was so long that I even continued on with the extended, boring plot after waking up twice and going back to sleep. I do know why I dreamed about him; my friend mentioned earlier in the day that her daughter had discovered the awesome Muppets episode with him as guest star. Now, why that bit of information churned around in my cluttery brain so much that I wound up with Alice Cooper on my mind for like 7 hours, I don't know. The sub-conscious is weird, yo.

Anyway, so here's what went down. I warn you - for an Alice Cooper dream, this is incredibly boring:

1. Alice Cooper and I are riding on a city bus together, I think in Ann Arbor. We're just hanging out, chatting. He's young and thin (as am I, woot), and in full makeup throughout the whole dream. We ride around town and he is really funny, pointing out landmarks like I'm new to town or something.

2. Alice Cooper and I eat lunch at a restaurant featuring a giant rooster on the front door.

3. Alice Cooper and I go to Urban Outfitters.

4. Alice Cooper and I ride around in the back of a limo, where I say something to him about what a weird coincidence it is that we're together, because my friend's daughter loves his Muppets episode, and we should totally go see her! We don't.

5. Alice Cooper defends my honor repeatedly. We are apparently deeply connected as friends, and he is very serious about taking care of me as we tool around town. He often tells people to screw off if they look at me sideways. I'm a little embarrassed in the dream, but mostly I feel very rosy and grateful toward Alice Cooper. I beam at him a lot, but not in a lusty kind of way. We are just excellent, deeply connected friends.

6. After I wake up because the cat is scratching the bedroom door insistently for like 20 minutes, I go back to sleep and now Alice Cooper and I are having a picnic. Again, he is in full makeup. We are eating apples and talking about this book I've been reading, The Geography of Bliss. He says, "Happiness for Alice Cooper is apples."

7. Alice Cooper and I go to the house where I grew up and he buys it for me. I tell him I can't live there right now, but I promise to let anyone live there who needs a home.

8. I wake up again because of thunder and when I go back to sleep, now Alice Cooper has accompanied me to the dentist. He tells the dentist that if he hurts me, he will sue him and ruin his dental practice. I tell him to go wait in the waiting room.

9. We watch movies all night, terrible movies, and then I wake up.

So yeah, not very exciting, but pretty weird overall. I don't usually remember this much detail from my dreams, and I'm not exactly a big Alice Cooper afficianado. I like some "loud music," as I call it, but not much, really. I do remember going to his restaurant in Phoenix, though! It was so hot there.


Kathy said...

LOL!!!! This is excellent, Sarah! I am glad that Maddy's crush on AC could be fodder for such an excellent dream and story to share! I hope someone with some expertise in dream analysis weighs in here. I find the giant rooster especially interesting. :)

Sarah Hunt said...

Haha, me too! I think we actually ate wings when we went to Cooperstown and there were lots of not-very-subtle puns about Alice's "big unit" or something. Maybe the giant rooster is related to that? ;) It was all together a very pleasant dream, at any rate! I'm glad Maddy indirectly planted that weird little seed.

Jen said...

Dude, I'm laughing my ass off over here. This is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I love crazy dreams, but most of mine seem to involve animals. I have a recurring dream about squirrels walking all of the walls in my house, using their tails to paint for me. The other night, I dreamed that there were lots of large frogs in my yard, and they were walking on 4 legs like a dog. Some of them were wearing little tophats. I wish I could have Alice Cooper dreams, or at least (aging) rock star dreams!

PS: I'm not Anonymous. This is Paula. My Google ID isn't saved on this computer.

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