Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a good thing you're bald

I know some moms who could use this Zombie Baby bib from etsy!

So today I had to take David to the allergist to find out what's up with his food issues (verdict: just the milk is a problem, and not even a huge problem, woot), and Kurt took a half day to hang out with Anderson downtown. They went to the library, Skyline, saw The Lorax in Newport across the river in Kentucky, and stopped by Media Bridges, where Kurt is involved at the board level. Apparently Anderson made friends all day, but this particular meeting with Kurt's friend there was both hilarious and slightly alarming. As recounted to me by Kurt:

"It's a good thing you're bald." (Anderson says to Kurt's friend, who I guess is at least mostly bald or maybe has a shaved head, not sure)
"Oh yeah, why's that?"
"Well, that way if the zombies came, they couldn't pull you off by your hair!"
"Oh... true..."
"OR, the zombies would take one look at your head and they would be so confused, they'd just turn around and leave!"

Then, everyone laughed. (phew)

Meanwhile, David sent out several DOZEN pictures from the iPad today of parts of his head and face. Some of them went to Facebook, several went through my Gmail account to people I haven't talked to in 5+ years... I guess it's better than him buying hundreds of dollars worth of Fish Bucks like my friend's kids. Knock on wood.


Anonymous said...

Sitting here laughing, chuckling and am highly amused by their antics and your writing. Love those two grandkids and their parents :) mil

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