Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Google Image Search Wednesday

In which I share some of the more, let's go with "interesting" search results on seemingly innocuous terms. Images which have moved me. Scarred me. Confused the shit out of me. Which must be shared with those I love and those I have never even met. You're welcome, Internet.

Today's search term: Cincinnati Pants

Why: I wanted to find a place that sells those funky Bengals pants, like so:

And, I wasn't disappointed. Many a retail outlet is turning a profit on pants like this. Somehow. But then, something else caught my eye. This:

 The caption here read "Zubaz pants will never be cool again." These just look like... pants, to me and these people seem cool enough, really. I mean, not everyone can rock the real deal Cincinnati pants all the time, the attention would become cumbersome, but surely they are relatively cool by normal people measures. WTF are Zubaz pants?

Of course, there are those who have shunned pants altogether. Why this shows up under Cincinnati Pants I don't know, but it's a nod to our lazy-as-an-elderly- housecat, American sensibilities that there would be an obligatory Snuggie (a little concerned that my spell check knew it had an e on the end) shot in the mix:

Maybe it's the cheetah print? Welcome to the jungle? The one on my couch, with the remote control from 1983?

OK but then things got scary. From what I can discern, this had to do with something in the OSU student paper, and as a student paper alum, I get it to an extent. I've been awake at 3 a.m. with the completely annoyed printing press yelling at me on the phone while I desperately Photoshop together some kind of image to accompany a story about a new mailbox going up in front of the library. But while it may have come perilously close to something like this, well... let's just say I'm not sad that as a student journalist, I didn't leave this legacy for future generations to stumble upon:

Oh. And, my. Oh, my.

Finally, I leave you with this. It's not pants. It's not even tangentially related to Cincinnati, or pants, since squirrels don't generally wear them, but it's a super sweet orchestra-conducting squirrel so I feel compelled to share:

Kurt has since informed me that this is not a squirrel, which is pretty unfortunate because I already had a reputation for being unable to identify said species. That said, he didn't know what it is, exactly. Gopher?


Blue Blithers said...

Continuing in the theme of pants and cities....may I introduce you to the pantless train event in Seattle

Sarah Hunt said...

Oh, thanks for THAT, Mary. :D Ha, no, really, I think I approve, and would possibly even participate. Think we can get something like this off the ground here in Porkopolis? Maybe to break in that mythical streetcar?

MizGreenJeans said...

Groundhog. Google Image it.

That naked guy is going to take a while to remove from the backs of my eyeballs. Thankee.

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