Friday, August 12, 2011

Local Homeschooling Blog Directory

I'm trying to compile a list of local* blogs related to homeschooling, unschooling, etc. I'll update this list when I come across more, and I'm happy to include any you may know about, too.

Unschooling Snapshots features picture essays from a local unschooling family - a great way to get a peek at lots of local activities.

St. Francis Academy details the adventures of a very active local homeschooling family with kids from 3 to 17.

Ramblings of an Unschooling Family follows the Riesenbergs, an unschooling family with TEN kids. Lots of great pictures and ideas for off-the-beaten-track activities your family can try.

WeHaveEscaped focuses on a local unschooling family who pulled their kids out of parochial education to embark on a home education path.

Our Eclectic Homeschool Journey details another unschooling family in our local area. Love the Top Ten lists and I've already discovered umpteen things I want to look into for the coming school year.

I know there must be more out there, but this is all I'm finding. Please share in the comments.

*Cincinnati, Northern KY, SE Indiana, SW Ohio...


Kim said...

I have a blog and I'm in Cincinnati area... the address is and my friend, Deanne, just started a blog, too:


Sarah said...

Thanks very much, Kim! I updated the list. I'm so excited to see other families out there that are approaching things from a more eclectic angle. I hope you won't mind if I pick your brain in the coming months! Since it's just Kindergarten for us this year, I'm feeling a little lost at sea trying to figure everything out.

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