Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Naming this blog

Sarah in the City? Sarah near the city? Suburban Sarah, Who Lives Just Outside the City? Sarah, who will surely move back to the city at some point? Cincinnati Sarah? Southwest Ohio...

The choices were varied, compelling, and ultimately thrown into a virtual hat and picked through by my cat. He liked that people wouldn't have to remember how to spell Cincinnatti. Cincinati. Cincinnaty. CincinCATty?

By now, the smarter among you have likely discerned that my name is Rhonda and I live in Pasadena. Mostly I'll be discussing our annual Rose Parade and my contributions of unusual hybrid show roses to the more, shall we say, lucrative floats, or wheelie-bobs, as we in the Parade community say.

Alright, probably not. I'm just one of those people who annoys relatives with commentary on how half their medicine cabinet came into being thanks to Cincinnati, and didn't you know Cincinnati has some of the best views anywhere? Your hills suck, Indiana. I alternately love and worry about the future of this place, which could also sum up my feelings for my dog on any given afternoon when she comes in covered in my garden. I need an outlet.

I'm also the "Cincinnati Family Recreation Examiner" over at, which is, depending on who you ask, a hyper-local news and information provider or a content mill posing as a news outlet. In either case, I'm enjoying writing and sharing there, so it seemed only natural to expand my ranting space exponentially via blog. I am always open to article ideas for Examiner. I have found that more than anything, it's a decent vehicle for developing local relationships and shedding a little light on interesting local places and people that might otherwise be overlooked. To that end, I'm happy to profile a place or person in Cincinnati (or thereabouts) who needs some Internet love. Not that kind of Internet love. Sheesh. You may be thinking of the OTHER Cincy Sarah.


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