Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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When I update over at Examiner, I'll post a link and maybe an excerpt here, too. If you're so inclined, I've written a handful of articles there so far. Insider tip: I often include really interesting or humorous links in the body of my articles. If you look hard enough you'll find links to some of the best time-wasting sites on the planet as well as quiet shout outs (is that possible?) to local bloggers. I'm planning to include a lot more focus on the local blogging scene in the coming weeks.

Here is where to find me on Examiner.

Are you also feeling a lot of unhealthy angst toward our unrelenting sun gods? Check here for some indoor activities around town. Good ones. None of this lame "go sit in a puddle" crap from me.

Maybe you're one of those squirrely, anti-social kind of parents who sit around at the playground diddling their Kindle (at least I didn't say Nook) pretending not to know who those kids with the mismatched socks belong to. Thanks to this list of the least-busy parks in the city, now you don't have to deal with all that pressure to "appear interested" or engage in surprisingly lengthy discussions about Tricia Macke with those athletic looking moms with the extremely severe ponytails.

Love grilled cheese? No? Get off my blog immediately. Otherwise, read this review and hightail it to your nearest Tom + Chee location.

Have you taken all your daycation days this year? Yes, I went there. I jumped right on that just-make-up-a-goofy-word-to-shamelessly-attract-readers bandwagon. If it's good enough for Sarah Palin... Anyway, check here when you are ready to blow this Popsicle stand for the day. And only the day. If you stay longer than a day, you make me a liar, and a good friend wouldn't do that to another friend.

There are restaurants where it's not such a great idea to bring along little Johnny. The ones with the naked waitresses come to mind. We're lucky to have a whole slew of great places to take the kids out for a meal, and that's just an awesome thing. Nothing sucks more than ponying up 40 bucks for a dinner you have to box up 10 minutes into the meal because little Johnny decided this was the opportune time to get an early start on that streaking career.

If you are cheap and not busy this weekend (or any weekend), you just hit the jackpot, buddy. Here's a list of 10 (count them) ideas for things to do, for free, right here in the Queeniest City of them all.


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