Thursday, July 21, 2011

My favorite Cincinnati blog

Today I started a series that will feature local blogs. I started with my all-time favorite, City Kin. This guy is a one-man Cincinnati Magazine without the snooty ads. He's a dad living in or near Over the Rhine and a tireless advocate for the city. Here's an excerpt from my profile. Please click over and read the whole thing. It was a labor of love this morning. :)

The City Kin family’s experience is detailed intimately, with pictures of festivals and daily walks around the downtown neighborhood where they reside. All the usual family ups and downs are portrayed here, but against a backdrop of a neighborhood that has undergone major upheaval and renovation in an effort to revitalize a part of the city many have written off as unsalvageable.

Through all the speculation and debate about Over the Rhine, City Kin’s commitment to Cincinnati and its people has remained intact. He isn’t afraid to call out Findlay Market for raising rental fees, a move which has seemingly led to several farmers leaving. He occasionally rails against the school system, especially mandatory testing. He shines the spotlight on local demolition sites and shows readers what things used to look like, before the steady decline in his neighborhood ate up the landscape and the architecture. He laments the kind of growth that seems unhelpful to the bigger picture – the one where gentrification and too-much-too-quick change is a must to avoid if it means displacing the families who have called this part of the city home for generations.

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